Beurer Infrared Lamp


德國紅外線照射燈 飛利浦 燈泡


Beurer InfraRed Lamp IL11 100W

Electric Under Blanket

Infrared radiation causes warmth to be transported to the body. The blood supply in the radiated skin is increased and the metabolic turnover in the field of temperature enhanced. The mode of action of the infrared light encourages the body to heal, healing processes are thus assisted in a specific area.

  • 德國博依紅外線燈照射出的熱力可滲透肌膚,促進血液循環 ,有效紓緩肌肉及關節僵硬酸痛
  • 對照射位置釋出溫和熱力
  • 改善治療位置的血循環及新陳代謝率
  • 紓緩肌肉及關節僵緊酸痛
  • 可調校傾斜度



beurer infra red lamp  紅外線燈

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