Tanita Body Fat Scale







Match the products to the users

  Adult Mode     Body fat increment
Adult age 18 and older with inactive to moderately active lifestyles.     Increments at which body fat percentage is displayed.
  Child mode     Weight only button
  Children ( 7-17 ) with interactive to moderately active lifestyles     Allows users to monitor weight without body fat
  Multiple program memory     Guest mode
  Personal data storage available on many models     Allows programming to measure an individual without recording results or changing other weight
  Health range indicator     Daily calorie intake
  Indicator bar shows were body % fits into the healthy body fat range     Estimates how many calories can be consumed within next 24 hours to maintain current weight
  Weight recall feature     Auto recognition
  Display numerical difference between current weight reading and the previous one     Memories instantly recognizing the user as they stand on the scale
    Athlete mode        
  Tanita Athlete is involved in intense physical activity of approx . 10 hours per week and has a resting heart rate of approx . 60 beats per minute or less . People involved in a Lifetime of Fitness and are very fit but not currently active 10 hours per week are considered Athletes . Not intended for professional athletes or bodybuilders.

Weight Capacity 136kg / 300lb / 21st - 6lb
Weight Increments 0.2kg / 0.5lb / 0.5lb
Body fat increments 0.5%
Power supply 4 AA Batteries

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