The Yamax pedometer is known to be one of the most accurate pedometers in the industry in both reliability and accuracy.  
The Yamax peometers have been used in many studies
  YAMAX DIGI-WALKER is recognized as best quality pedometer since researchers are using widely YAMAX Pedometer for their research study. YAMAX DIGI-WALKER is introduced in esteemed ACSM (American College of Sports and Medichine) official journal MSSE (MEDICINE & SCIENCE in SPORTS & EXERCISE".  

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YAMAX DIGI-WALKER SW-200 were used for recent clinical research study in ACSM Health & Fitness Journal.

Issue in September 2008 Issue in February 2004 MSSE magazine Issue in August 2003 MSSE magazine


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YAMAX Digiwalker

Yamax SW-200

YAMAX Digi-walker

SW 650

yamax pedometer

Yamax Digi Walker sw 200

Pedometer Step counter YAMAX SW650

Pedometer Step counter YAMAX SW 700 計步器


Yamax digi walker sw800

日本百利達計步器 Pedometer  TANITA Step Counter


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